Graham Nash said at the opening show in Long Beach that the world is getting pretty scary lately...

But that for the next couple of hours the audience was among friends at the Long Beach Terrace Theatre.  

The opening show featured James Raymond on keyboards, Dean Parks on guitar, Kevin McCormick on bass and Steve DiStanislao on drums. The backing musicians were incredible for this tour and it showed.

It also showed that David Crosby and Graham Nash are an inseparable force in their world of music together that is political and poignant in verse and song. Let's just say that they always have been for the past 43 years that they have been together .
David Crosby did one song for the very first time live. A new one called "Slice of Time".
They did some of their older standards as well but around almost every song either Graham or David explain the song and what it means to them. They often explain what each song is about and who it's for.
An interesting one, among many, was a song called "Don't Dig Here". David Crosby said there was a contest for the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste site in Nevada. For a sign that would best represent the place. So "Don't Dig Here" became a song about it.
Graham Nash dedicated the song "Our House" to his mother -in law for the first time as well.
The show consisted of two sets with an intermission between. Twenty-two songs were in both sets and an extra encore song brought it to twenty-three.
This show was a great start for the Crosby and Nash  tour for spring 2011. Be sure to catch it somewhere along the way.
John Barsky (A.P.A.) 2011